Female with mask touching a horse before

Equine Reiki

Horses  are especially sensitive to Reiki energy and treating them can have huge benefits.  

It will relax and calm them, making it easier for owners or trainers to handle them and resolve any behavioural issues.  It is also beneficial for horses who are recovering from illness or injury.


£35 - Initial consultation and session

£30 - Follow up sessions

* sessions take up to an hour

Dog/Cat Reiki

All animals can benefit from energy healing. Reiki is useful for healing the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues the animal may be facing.  It can assist in improving behaviour problems, heal anxiety related issues. When holistic or medical intervention can help no more, Reiki helps ease the transition to death. 


£25 - Initial consultation and session 

£20 - Follow up sessions


* Price is per cat/dog

* Sessions can last up to 45 minutes

Dog & Cat Pals